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New contents of June

Dear Enthusiasts,

My artistic activity is at the top level, both qualitative and quantitative, even if I very rarely post on social media and looks like I'm doing nothing! Nothing more false!

But if you are following me for a long time, you know the reason behind of that...

For those who started following me lately, well, the reason is the neverending bans and blocks for the contents I'm creating and I'm tired of censoring to make those acceptable!

Censorship is an abomination that a true artist and a true art lover will never be able to tolerate!


The short reel here below it's just a very thin fraction of the body work I published in my page SENSUALITY past month of June!

Popping out any new thing, my recent collaboration with the amazing ELENA SALVI who really catched my heart for her stunning artistic talent enclosed in a gorgeus body! We both share the same hope and will to plan an outodoor shooting, but we have to figure out the good time for creating a new project in the arms of Mother Nature. Hopefully soon!

Furthermore, I shooted again GABRIELLA and crafted old works with STEFANIA, SELENE, VALERIA and ANNA ROSE

And many projects through this month, in particular a very complicated one with GIUSY atop on Etna vulcano!

As you can see, so much stuff coming along the future and I will be never thankful enough for your support in making this possible in such a hostile society and in such hard times!

All the best and happy summer!

Paolo Lazzarotti

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khue anh
khue anh
Jul 08, 2022


Paolo Lazzarotti
Paolo Lazzarotti
Jul 08, 2022
Replying to

Thank you!!

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