Discover Paolo Lazzarotti's Photography!

A massive collection of stunning models photographed along the stunning Italian coast!

This voluminous publication comes in a high quality printed version.

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Model Society Editor's Note

Paolo Lazzarotti has a gift.

Experience beauty with an intensity few of us will ever understand.

It is with this sensitive, fierce and perceptive vision that Paolo creates images of female beauty. He sees female beauty as a metaphor for the natural world. Her models reflect the colors of a sunset, the serenity of a light breeze and the strength of a storm. Capturing the images through the lens of his camera, Paolo sees Mother Nature herself watching him.

The models in Paolo's images are truly beautiful, but this art reveals more than just adorable models in beautiful settings. When you look at her art you don't see simple models, moments or places. Paolo's images convey his passion, his heart and his love.

Working with Paolo to create this book has been a rewarding journey. The care of this special collection inspired us to strive for a masterpiece. We are proud to present this vast collection of Paul's favorite images to you. As you discover these works, we encourage you to sit back and slow down. We invite you to make some space for the experience you are about to live.

Good vision!

Model Society Founder & Editor David Bollt

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PRINTED version


  • 216 pages printed in high quality (HP Indigo digital presses)

  • 200+ photos and an extra bonus of beautiful seascapes

  • Semi-gloss US size paper (21 x 27cm)

  • Acid-free and FSC certified paper

  • Semi-hard cover printed on 80 # cover stock

  • Inner pages printed on paper type 80 # text stock.

  • Digital version included

  • Shipments all over the world.



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DIGITAL version

  • File browsable PDF on any device with 216 pages

  • 200+ carefully selected photos from Paolo Lazzarotti's private collection

  • Immediate access after order (also available for iOS App)

Version available for purchase from the MODEL SOCIETY website

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