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Dear friends, hope you're doing well!

Here I am at my usual monthly update with the latest news of October.

Summer 2022 has extended over October too, letting me shooting nudes by the sea (and I do mean inside the water!) until day 30, setting my most late shooting ever in the sea!

That means I have an unprecedented amount of pictures waiting for my editing and will be likely ready next months. One reason more to subscribing my SUBSCRIPTION PLANS and be the first to enjoying my works before anyone else and, most important, get exclusive access to any erotic/artistic nude with all my partners/customers!

Let me introduce you at my latest news:


Last month a new partner has joined my fast growing family! You're all invited to discovering the amazing CLAUDIA DS with her incredible and naturally long blond hairs captured with my romantic vision while posing nude and with my never missing sheers! Hard to miss, you can find her as cover girl of this blog!



In the hope my Art will make you feeling better, I take this opportunity to wish any of you a positive period despite the hard conditions we are experiencing right now.

Paolo Lazzarotti

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