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Welcome in Paolo Lazzarotti Blog!

My dear Friends,

I warmly welcome you to my brand new BLOG!

As of today, any kind of communication about my business (new activity, previews, backstages, reels, ebooks, etc.) will be published here and no longer in the monthly newsletter.

Believe it or not, my email marketing account I regularly used so far to sending out my newsletters was disabled (Yes, you got it right! My persecution still goes on even outside the social netwroks!) because the nudity contents con infringing their rules about pornography! Better I shut my mouth, otherwise they gonna close also my blog!

Always free of charge!

My Blog will always be public and free of charge, as to let anyone understanding the contents I go posting in the restricted page SENSUALITY

Of course, there will be regular updates also to other contents on my site.

Stay up to date!

Check out this page regularly to know about my business!

Please, share your opinion and leave your feedback via the comments section at the bottom of the Blog. I give much importance to your voice, so I can improve more and more my service!

Paolo Lazzarotti

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