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Latest News!

Dear Enthusiasts,

I see that you are reaching me here in my website any day more and this means a lot to me!

You're understanding the genre of photos I take is less and less friendly in Meta's social networks, that's why I decided to move the heart of my business here, at my house, on my site, where no one can come and break my inspiration!

Ok, let me now unfolding my latest news!


I've created FIDELITY Bonus for collecting points at any purchase in my website (printings, Primordial Beauty book, ebooks, subscriptions) and even just becoming members!

Click on the image here below or the link above to access the page with any detail!


I'm glad to introduce you my latest works with a very short reel including just a tiny part of the full body of work published during past month of May in my page SENSUALITY

Such artworks were made in most cases last summer, in this period I'm struggling with the new production that will be available more or less by the end of this summer.

Find here below a delicious preview of a recent work with STEFANIA in the beautiful Tuscan hills!

As you can see, a lot of material was possible mainly thanks to your support that I hope will be on me during those hard times running in this poor society!

More to come...Stay tuned and follow my blog on a regular basis!

Your's truly

Paolo Lazzarotti

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